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Sensitive Skin Kitt


Sensitive Skin Kitt designed for those of us with sensitive skin and/or allergies, includes;


  • 1-pack of xeroform
  • sensitive skin/hypoallergenic medical tape
  • two different types of nipple dressings
  • Neosporin
  • 1 small pair of scissor


Because we know most of you travel for your surgeries, all Kitts include one of our awesome bags. How else would we expect you to carry all of your stuff?! It might just become your new favorite gym bag, too..

Don't forget to add-on your choice of scar protection kitt!



WHY is the Sensitive Skin Kitt more expensive? The truly Hypoallergenic medical tape we use costs twice as much as the regular medical tape, and we give you two different types of bandages to use over your nipples to help those with slower healing. Good for those with adhesive allergies/skin sensitivity. Leaves behind almost no "stick" residue, and has far less "ouch" when removing.

Would you be interested in DONATING your old binder(s)?

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